In addition to retained, executive search and executive recruitment, RMi Executive Search provides business coaching, executive coaching and sales coaching for both organizations and individuals. 

[fa icon="plus-square"] Leadership and Team Assessments

By evaluating the “how,” why,” and “what” of performance, assessments can be utilized to improve communication and effectiveness for both the individual and the team.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Individual Executive Coaching

Using a third-party coach will help your executives, senior managers, and individual contributors maximize their strengths and development opportunities. Supporting both development and major change initiatives, your coach will introduce new ideas and strategies as well as hold participants accountable for follow through on commitments.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Sales Coaching
Originally trained by master sales coach, Brian Tracy, we offer sales coaching for individual contributors, sales managers and leadership, as well as for business owners. Customized coaching programs vary based on needs and goals, but cover topics like:
  • Goal Setting
  • Prospecting Strategies
  • Sales Process Design
  • Market Planning
  • Compensation and Incentive Structuring
  • Much more
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[fa icon="plus-square"] Transition Acceleration (On-boarding) Programs

With nearly 40% of senior executives being pushed out, failing, or quitting within the first 18 months of their start date, it is crucial to assist employees in assimilating to the organizational culture and assuming responsibilities of the new role. RMi will design a program for your organization that will help maximize your new executive’s contribution in the first several months and reduce overall failure.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Recruiting Process Re-vamp

Finding your recruiting results lacking? Enlist RMi to hire your next “A Player” or let us work with your team to re-vamp your current hiring process. Through workshop settings or individual coaching sessions, we can examine the following steps in order to ensure hiring success.

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Screening
  • Selection
  • Coaching
[fa icon="plus-square"] Strategic Planning

Our expert facilitation will allow your organization to make the most of the planning process through a proven framework of questions and discussion.  We'll help you develop and implement a strategic plan that addresses not only your future vision of an ideal organization or business unit, but also your team needs, your market/ideal client, your remarkable difference/key differentiators versus your competition, your deliverable/service experience, your lead generation/marketing plan, your lead conversion plan/sales process, and your key metrics, sales forecast and budgeting. Most importantly, this will be an actionable, dynamic document...not some huge binder placed on a shelf to gather dust.