At RMi Executive Search, our executive recruiting and hiring process is constantly being refined and improved through work with clients, recruiting industry colleagues and other business thought leaders.  Our goal is to ensure our executive recruiters hire and recruit the best employee for you!

Collaborate and Benchmark

Our executive recruiting and hiring process begins by working with you to define your “Ideal Candidate”. During this “more traditional” recruiting conversation, we detail requirements for the position such as education, experience, compensation, benefits and non-negotiables. Additionally, we strive to understand "WHY" someone should want towork for and join your company.

Next, we “break from tradition”! Utilizing a patented “Job Benchmarking” process, we work with your subject matter experts to understand why the position exists and define key accountabilities for the position. Then, utilizing an online assessment tool (like the DISC Assessment), we create a benchmark for the job based on the behaviors, motivators, skills and acumen indicators required for success in the position.

Initiate a Retained Search

Identify and Screen

Once we have defined your ideal candidate and developed a benchmark, our executive recruiters seek out “Optimal Candidates”. The talented individuals we approach are generally not looking for a new position and considered passive. They are the two-thirds of the qualified workforce who are only reachable through a targeted recruiting approach.

Our clients rely on our knowledge of the occupational disciplines in which we recruit and we use sophisticated computer technology to manage large amounts of information on candidates and our discussions during the interview process. Our inquiries are made in strict confidence, and your company is not identified until a candidate has advanced through at least two screening steps and shown a significant interest in the position.

Once our executive recruiters have identified and engaged optimal candidates, we perform in-depth screening with each candidate to determine if they meet meet your requirements. 

In evaluating potential candidates, RMi Executive Search uses many tools:

  • Extensive telephone conversations
  • Written and On-demand Video Questionnaires
  • Recruiting Assessments
  • In-person and Video Interviews

Present and Secure

At this point, advancing candidates who match the benchmark and other requirements are “Presented to the Client” to begin the client’s “Interview” process.  Clients are provided a comprehensive candidate package including summaries of all interview conversations, as well as questionnaires, videos, resumes, profiles, assessment results and other beneficial documents.

After each interview, we debrief both you and the candidate, and then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information, resolve any open questions or concerns and schedule follow-up interviews.

Reference and background checks are conducted on final candidates.

With regards to references, we request the candidate schedule reference calls with previous managers.  These reference calls are much more reliable than “character” references and the ability to schedule them is a definite “A Player” quality.

Once presented, we work with you to make a final hiring selection, prepare an offer and secure a “Yes” from your chosen candidate. We assist in composing and extending the offer and in negotiating any changes. When needed, we can also provide relocation assistance and cost-of-living comparisons. Once the offer is extended, we stay in constant contact with the candidate to resolve remaining issues and facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.

It is important to move swiftly to secure a yes and a start date.  Delay could cost you your “A Player” candidate who might be entertaining multiple offers.


Coach to Success!

“Executive Coaching” is a key differentiator between RMi and other executive search firms. We not only work with you to secure your ideal candidate, but as a Certified Brian Tracy coaching firm, we work with your candidate to ensure a strong start and ultimate success.

Customized to your candidate and company, the “Executive Coaching” program is designed to accelerate the transition of your newest team member, expedite learning, promote personal and professional growth, and to solidify goal setting and achievement. Ultimately, your new team member will more quickly become a “net contributor” to your company.

During executive coaching, coaching sessions focus on:

  • Personal / Professional Development 
  • Goal Setting, Planning and Achievement
  • Improved Communications 
  • Expedited Learning
  • Early Wins
  • Accountability