By retaining RMi Executive Search, you can be confident that our executive recruiters will work your recruitment project until we've been successful helping you hire the best employee! 

Stop entrusting your critical, “A Player” executive searches to recruiters who will only invest minutes in a candidate before quickly sending you a resume.  Now is your chance to finally get out of the hiring-firing loop you’re stuck in. 

Mis-hires are expensive, and you can’t afford to waste your time or money on anyone but the best employees. The people you choose to hire will have the greatest impact on whether or not your company succeeds.  When you look at your employees, are you convinced you’ve hired the best? Do you have a team of “A Player” superstars who have helped your company increase revenues and profits, or do you wish you had spent more time searching for the right employee instead of settling for an underperformer?

Initiate a Retained Search

At RMi Executive Search, our Executive Recruiting and Hiring Process is unlike other traditional executive search firms. For each ideal candidate we present to you, our executive recruiters will have invested 3-5 hours screening that person for your company. We know how important it is to hire the best employee the first time, so we’ll take you step-by-step through the process. From initial screening to final interviews, we continually assess whether a candidate will be the best fit for your position. We also go beyond simply finding the right candidate and offer executive coaching to ensure their success. Our method has brought success to companies nationwide, and we’ll strive to bring that same success to your company.

RMi Executive Search is unique from other executive search firms, and our service includes specialized features that you will not find anywhere else.

Position Benchmarking

While other executive search firms skip this crucial step, we break from the traditional recruiting process, utilizing a patented “Job Benchmarking” process to fully understand why the position exists and define the job’s key accountabilities. Then, we create a benchmark for the job based on behaviors, motivators (also called attitudes or values), and skills.  Ultimately, ideal candidates are compared to the benchmark during the assessment phase of our “Executive Search Process.”

 Advanced Candidate Screening

Once we’ve engaged ideal candidates, we perform in-depth interviews with each candidate to determine if they meet all client requirements. We also strive to uncover any issues that would restrict the candidate’s ability to join your company. In screening potential candidates, we use a proven, executive recruiting and hiring process to:

 Match the candidate’s  skills to your specific job requirements and needs.
 Confirm that the candidate’s past experience will help you achieve your current and future goals.
 Verify that a candidate’s personal style will complement your corporate culture.
 Evaluate the candidate’s long-term potential to take on additional responsibilities beyond the current needs.


 "Ideal Candidate" Presentation

At this point, candidates have been thoroughly evaluated and will begin interviews with the client. We provide our client with comprehensive candidate packages that include summaries of all interview conversations, the candidate’s questionnaire responses, resume, and assessment results.

 Executive Coaching

Unlike other executive search firms, we work with candidates after they’ve been hired to ensure their success. We help them during their transition to become contributing team members as quickly as possible.

These unique steps, along with many others, help us identify and place “A Players” at your company.

Initiate a Retained Search 

You can’t afford to go through your recruiting and hiring process over and over again hoping to find the right employee. The quicker you allow RMi Executive Search to find you your next superstar, the quicker you’ll achieve your business goals. Contact RMi Executive Search today to finally find the right person for the job.

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