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Happy 2020! With the holidays behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the coming year. I hope you will take the time to plan for and make this year one of your best years ever!

Remember, your SUCCESS always starts with YOU. Brian Tracy calls this the Law of Correspondence:Stove of Life "Your outer world corresponds to your inner world." Zig Ziglar was famous for saying, "You must BE before you can DO and you must DO before you can HAVE." He also tells a story about people wanting heat from the "stove of life" before they put wood into the stove. Well, it just doesn't work that way. Just as we must first put wood (fuel) into the stove to burn and create heat, we must first have internal fuel that combusts into outward actions and results.

The 10 Goal Method

Asking HOW? Here's an exercise (technique, method, stalwart) we teach to our executive coaching and business coaching clients. It has been a key to my success through the years. And I know regular practice of it this year will help ensure my SUCCESS! I first learned about GOAL SETTING from Zig Ziglar, but didn't learn this secret until I met Brian Tracy.

Here’s an overview: Each morning before you get out of bed or when you sit at your desk for the first time each morning or just before bedtime at night – take your journal, write the date at the top of a new page, and write at least ten goals you would like to accomplish in the next year. Use these four primary areas of life as your guide: Health and Fitness, Family and Personal, Business and Career, and Financial Independence.

  • Write each goal in the first person; i.e. “I”.
  • Write each goal in the present tense, as though it has already been achieved; e.g.” I have a net worth of $5 million”.
  • Write each goal using an active verb; e.g. I am, I earn, I weigh, I have and so on.
  • Write each goal as a positive statement; e.g. “I am free of nicotine” as opposed to “I do not smoke.” You cannot motivate with a negative.
  • Write each goal with deadline; e.g. “I earn $500,000 by 12/31/2020.”
  • Write at least ten goals daily and more if you wish.

So, which of these goals, if you accomplished it in the next 24 hours would have the most positive impact on your life? What are you waiting for…go DO something that moves you closer to that goal! And have a great New Year!

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About The Author

Ron McNutt is Senior Partner at RMi Executive Search in Charleston, SC. RMi provides executive recruiting and executive coaching for companies in the Carolinas, Southeast and across the United States.