Hire Eagles--13 Strategies to Increase Recruiting and Hiring Success

I once heard  John Maxwell talk about sending ducks to “Eagle School.”  He said that no matter how hard you try, as soon as you hand them their “Eagle School Certificate,” they’ll waddle right off the stage because they’re ducks. The point is that it’s almost impossible to turn historical underperformers (ducks) into “A Players” (eagles). It’s much better to hire “A Player” “Eagles” from the outset. 

Identifying “A Player” “Eagles” has always been like finding a needle in the haystack. Today, the haystack is considerably larger, and hiring right the first time is even more critical. You can ill afford under-performing employees that cost you valuable time and profits! 

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Critical Soft Skills Interview Questions: Personal Accountability

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: A measure of the capacity to be answerable for personal actions. Someone who takes ownership of the situation, admits when they're wrong and lives in solutions!

Statistically, 50 percent of our population is above average in personal accountability and 50 percent is below average in personal accountability. In our executive search and hiring process, we find that personal accountability is a requirement in nearly EVERY job/position. This illustrates the importance for all hiring managers to completely evaluate each position as it relates to being personally accountable plus making sure that everyone they interview brings personal accountability skills to the job. Businesses that hire employees who are personally accountable will experience dramatic improvements in the key performance indicators of their hiring success.

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Recruiting and Hiring Process--Job Matching Leads to Better Sales

At RMi Executive Search, our recruiting and hiring process includes a patented job benchmarking process to eliminate the bias-based, myth-based hiring decisions that are typical in most organizations. It's true today and from this Harvard Business Review report from 1980 it was true back then too...you will increase sales performance results and reduce turnover when you select new team members based on criteria that make a better match between the person and the job.

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Recruiting And Hiring Process Seem Like A Never-ending Groundhog Day?

Today is Groundhog Day in North America and if I heard correctly, we're in for 6 more weeks of winter, because despite the overcast skies, Punxsutawney Phil was able to see his shadow. Remember Bill Murray in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day where he kept re-living the day over and over again until he got it right? Do you ever feel like your recruiting efforts have a similar theme, that you are stuck in an endless cycle of expensive mis-hires?

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Don't Let A Bad Hiring Process Mess Up Great Business Strategy

With the New Year well underway, I trust you're vigorously implementing your New Year's business strategy. With that in mind, I wanted to share one of my favorite Brian Tracy recordings on that same subject. The title is TurboStrategy and in it, Brian discusses some of the best, but also simple and profound thinking tools for planning. Enjoy! (Note: After clicking on the link above, right click on the player and you should be able to save the file as an mp3.)

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