Key #2 to Increasing Your Value and Income

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  1. Key #1 to Increasing Your Value and Income

Through the years, most of my coaches and motivational mentors have stressed the importance of WRITTEN GOALS, but I didn't learn this secret until I met Brian Tracy and became an executive coach and business coach.

KEY #2 TO INCREASING YOUR VALUE AND INCOME: Re-write your major goals daily.

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Goal Setting--What's Your Everest in 2020???

Several days into the New Year, it's important to make sure we have the proper planning in place to set ourselves up for a great 2020. Planning should precede execution! With this in mind, I want to once again encourage some goal setting.

Recently, a friend shared that she would be hiking to Everest Base Camp in April. This got me thinking and searching. In 1953, the first climbers reached the top of famed Mt. Everest (the highest mountain on Earth) and the first woman summited the mountain in 1975. In 2010, a young man named Jordan Romero climbed Mt. Everest at the age of 13. 2017 saw Spanish ultra runner Kilian Jornet set a "fastest known time (FKT)" record on Mt. Everest. And just last summer, Kami Rita Sherpa summited Mt. Everest for the 24th time. WOW!!! 

My question to you (and to myself)...If these people can succeed in climbing the world's tallest mountain and setting records in the process, what can I set my sights on and accomplish in 2020 (or the next 3-5 years)?

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Goal Setting--Success Fuel For The New Year...

Happy 2020! With the holidays behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the coming year. I hope you will take the time to plan for and make this year one of your best years ever!

Remember, your SUCCESS always starts with YOU. Brian Tracy calls this the Law of Correspondence: "Your outer world corresponds to your inner world." Zig Ziglar was famous for saying, "You must BE before you can DO and you must DO before you can HAVE." He also tells a story about people wanting heat from the "stove of life" before they put wood into the stove. Well, it just doesn't work that way. Just as we must first put wood (fuel) into the stove to burn and create heat, we must first have internal fuel that combusts into outward actions and results.

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For a Great 2016, Take This Goal Setting Challenge...

1 and 1/2 months in, I hope you are having a great 2016 and enjoying our goal setting posts!

Want to have your best year yet in 2016? Give this a's a great goal setting process I learned from Brian Tracy.
The most effective way to program your goals deeply into your mind is to write them daily. I would encourage you to buy a nice leather journal or a simple spiral-bound notebook and begin writing your goals daily. Each morning before you get out of bed or just before retiring at night – or maybe at both times – take your journal, write the date at the top of a new page, and write at least ten goals you would like to accomplish in the next year. Use these four primary areas of life as your guide: Health and Fitness, Family and Personal, Business and Career, and Financial Independence.
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Goal Setting --- What's In It For Me?

So, like that great radio station, WIIFM, you're wondering "What's In It For Me?" with regards to GOAL SETTING.

Well, I'm convinced that written goals and goal setting will allow you to accomplish more of what you want to accomplish...FASTER...than not having and writing your goals. This is my experience and that of many of my executive coaching clients.

Further, goals create that internal, burning desire that incites you to get out of bed each morning. Goals are much more motivational than just paying the bills or getting up today because that's what you did yesterday!

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