Goal Setting: What will you do with the next 20 business days?


20 Business Days Left Q1 2017 RMi Executive Search

So, how's Q1 going for you...achieving what you set out to in 2017? Are you moving TOWARD or AWAY from your goals? If you're moving TOWARD YOUR GOALS, then keep doing what you've been doing! But, what do you do if you find yourself MOVING AWAY FROM YOUR GOALS? Stop and reassess!

You can RESTART your QUARTER (year) now! You don't have to wait until the end of March, middle of the year or first of next year to start over. I once worked for a publicly traded company that had such dismal sales in Q1, they recognized the only way to improve flagging employee motivation and salvage the year was to start over from a sales year standpoint. So, that's what they did...they reset all quotas and competitions as if it were January 1 all over (but, three months later) and got sales back on track for the remainder of the year.

You can do this too! Go back to the drawing board: What's working?; What's not working?; What do you need to do more of?; What do you need to do less of?; What should you start doing?; and What should you stop doing?

Drawing Board for REASSESSING GOALS RMi Executive Search

Here we are..20 days left in Q1. Will you make them count? Will you do the things necessary to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality? One of my favorite Brian Tracy questions is this: "I achieved my goal because I did what?" Obviously the converse of this question is "I didn't achieve my goal because I didn't do what?" What are you not doing? Often, when I don't achieve a goal, it's because I didn't do something or didn't do enough of something to ensure goal achievement. How about you? Is there anything you're not doing or should be doing more of to ensure goal achievement?

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What will you do differently with the remainder of this month? More importantly, how will you finish Q1 strong so it becomes a springboard into Q2? If you haven't done it already, take some time now to write down your goals and make a plan to achieve them. Zig Ziglar used to say "Positive thinking won't get you everything, but it will sure get you more than negative thinking will." I would offer a similar statement, "Written goals won't ensure your goal accomplishment, but will significantly increase the chance of goal achievement!"

Continuing success with your Goal Setting and Goal Achievement! Ron

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Ron McNutt is Senior Partner at RMi Executive Search in Charleston, SC. RMi provides executive recruiting and executive coaching for companies in the Carolinas, Southeast and across the United States.