Executive Job Search Series -- YOU, INC.!


Since you're nearly "over it" and consistently thinking on paper, it's time for a paradigm shift in your job hunting effort. As you search for your next great job, you must move from just seeing yourself as an employee to recognizing that YOU are the PRESIDENT of your own PERSONAL SERVICES CORPORATIONYou sell your services to your customer, your future employer.

job search president


  • You're a responsible leader, recognizing that there is no one else to blame for your plight, good or bad. You take full responsibility and live according to Robert Schuller's adage, "If it is to be, it is up to me."
  • You recognize the vital importance of your personal brand and therefore, YOU DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO. You are reliable!
  • You realize that you "gather more bees with honey" or that "people do business with people they like" and strive to be confident, cheerful and maintain a positive attitude.
  • You live your life according to your personal strategic plan, filled with your core values, your vision for an ideal future and your goals.
  • You have to make a profit, therefore you budget and manage your expenses well, always spending less than you earn.
  • You appreciate that TIME = MONEY and therefore plan and prioritize each day in advance. You move from one high value task to the next maintaining a laser-like focus.
  • You know that to earn more, you must learn more and increase your value. Therefore, you constantly re-invest a portion of your income into training and coaching your most important employee, YOU! You are a student of continuous learning, constantly reading books and articles, listening to audio programs and attending workshops and seminars to move into the top 10% in your field, the "A Players."

As a McKinsey & Company partner once remarked, "If you want to be a partner, start acting like one." Action always precedes the result. The Law of Sowing says that you always reap what you sow, you reap more than you sow and you reap later than you sow. Want to reap a great position in your job search, then start sowing the seeds of a great position, today.

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About The Author

Ron McNutt is Senior Partner at RMi Executive Search in Charleston, SC. RMi provides executive recruiting and executive coaching for companies in the Carolinas, Southeast and across the United States.