Strategic Planning: No Vision = No Hope

Last week, Easter Sunday, Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My goal in writing this is not to debate Christianity, but to point out the purpose and importance of the "Resurrection of Jesus Christ" to the Christian Faith. That purpose...A VISION OF stated in the Bible (1 Peter 1:3), God has given Christians "a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." Were it not for this HOPE, Christians would feel this life a futile, self-serving, momentary and fleeting existence. Yet, through the Resurrection, it is anything but that, it is HOPE FILLED!

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Strategic Planning: HOPE is Not a Strategy!

Hope is NOT a strategy!

I first heard this statement from a sales manager many years ago. At that time, he was referring to my "unfounded belief" that certain prospects in my sales pipeline would "buy" soon enough to allow me to hit my sales quota and as a result of this "unfounded belief" my lack of prospecting to keep my sales pipeline full. He was right!

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Goal Setting: What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Prior to May 6, 1954, running 1-mile in under 4 minutes was thought to be humanly impossible. That day, Sir Roger Bannister proved the naysayers wrong by completing 1-mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. And last year, more than 35 American men and women broke the "four-minute barrier!"

Happy birthday Sir Roger and THANK YOU!

What would YOU attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? 

I don't know that anything worth doing comes without the risk of failure, but what I do know is that you will fail at 100% of the things you do not attempt.  All too often, I see people choose not to start something because they're afraid they won't be very good at it. This ranges from a new business to a new hobby to a new business building effort such as a newsletter, just to name a few.  Here's the secret...all skills and tasks are learnable. And I can assure you, you will not be as good at something the first time as you will be the tenth time. You just have to start...start somewhere, start trying, start experimenting and start improving!

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Goal Setting For Better Odds Than Vegas...

Want better odds than you can get in Vegas?

Then, as Bob Grinde says, “Go out and buy yourself a five-cent pencil and a ten-cent notebook and begin to write down some million dollar ideas for yourself.”

Even though there seems to be some question to the validity of the Yale or Harvard studies often referenced in many books on goal setting, my personal experience is that writing your goals on a regular, even daily basis speeds your rate of accomplishment. Everyone is looking for an edge and I certainly like these odds better than those at a Vegas Blackjack table. I would much rather bet on myself and my future than leave it to a game of chance.

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Goal Setting: What will you do with the next 20 business days?

So, how's Q1 going for you...achieving what you set out to in 2017? Are you moving TOWARD or AWAY from your goals? If you're moving TOWARD YOUR GOALS, then keep doing what you've been doing! But, what do you do if you find yourself MOVING AWAY FROM YOUR GOALS? Stop and reassess!

You can RESTART your QUARTER (year) now! You don't have to wait until the end of March, middle of the year or first of next year to start over. I once worked for a publicly traded company that had such dismal sales in Q1, they recognized the only way to improve flagging employee motivation and salvage the year was to start over from a sales year standpoint. So, that's what they did...they reset all quotas and competitions as if it were January 1 all over (but, three months later) and got sales back on track for the remainder of the year.

You can do this too! Go back to the drawing board: What's working?; What's not working?; What do you need to do more of?; What do you need to do less of?; What should you start doing?; and What should you stop doing?

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