If Goal Setting is So Great...

If goal setting is so great, why don't more people set goals?

That's a great question! Some estimates say that fewer than 5% of people set goals. Even if that figure is off by another 15%, that's still 80% of people not setting goals. Why?

I think the #1 reason is a combination...most people don't understand the importance of setting goals and they don't know how to set their goals.

I don't know about you, but we never talked about writing things down and making a plan in my childhood. I was encouraged to do more and not to quit, but I never heard about goal setting until after college when a good friend introduced me to Zig Ziglar in the late 1980s. Yet, we find that in schools where goal-setting programs have been introduced, young people become excited about goal-setting…they have a more positive outlook toward school, take responsibility for their education, and have greater confidence about themselves and about their futures. Encourage your children to set worthwhile and realistic goals from an early age.

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Goal Setting --- What's In It For Me?

So, like that great radio station, WIIFM, you're wondering "What's In It For Me?" with regards to GOAL SETTING.

Well, I'm convinced that written goals and goal setting will allow you to accomplish more of what you want to accomplish...FASTER...than not having and writing your goals. This is my experience and that of many of my executive coaching clients.

Further, goals create that internal, burning desire that incites you to get out of bed each morning. Goals are much more motivational than just paying the bills or getting up today because that's what you did yesterday!

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Goal Setting For Your Best Year Ever (or a Place to Start)...

I trust your "NEW YEAR" is off to a great start! I also trust you ended or began the year by setting some great goals and that you are busy implementing your plan to have one of your best years ever! But, in case you found yourself blinking through the rush of the holidays only to find yourself a few weeks into the "NEW YEAR" trudging the same roads as last year, I wanted to offer an alternative and reminder about goal setting.

GOALS will help you focus on the MOST important parts of your business and life. That's the premise behind Brian Tracy's book, Focal Point. Here's a brief excerpt:

"This simple story illustrates and summarizes the most important single principle of success, achievement and happiness in life. Your ability to determine where you put the "X" in each part of your life is the critical determinant of everything that you accomplish, or fail to accomplish. This "X" is your focal point. This is the one thing that you can do, at any given moment, to get the very best result possible for you in that area. Your ability to choose the correct time, place and activity to place your "X" has more of an impact on your life than any other factor."

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Happy Holidays from RMi Executive Search

As this year draws to a close and a new year lies ahead, our thoughts turn with gratitude to those who have made our success this past year possible. It is with this in mind we say simply and sincerely, thank you! We wish each of you and your families the happiest and brightest of holidays!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Since 1863, we have celebrated the national holiday of Thanksgiving in late November. Patterned after early colonial celebrations dating back to the late 1500s in which settlers gathered for a day of "Thanksgiving Prayer" following a bountiful harvest...modern day Thanksgiving tends to conjure thoughts of leisure, feasting, football, floats and Christmas shopping.

Today's post focuses on the more traditional meaning of the holiday...encouragement and thanks.

If you have felt considerably blessed this year, consider sharing your blessings with others and donating to the Opportunity Hub, a provider of food, shelter and services to the homeless in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


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