Executive Coaching -- Small Daily Improvements Lead to Big Changes

Last week, I wrote about making a commitment to get better. To follow on that post, I want to discuss another idea I learned from Brian Tracy called the "1000% Formula." I was reminded of it after reading this article about how 1% improvements led to "Olympic Gold" for the British Cycling Team. These concepts are based on the "Slight Edge Theory" or "Marginal Gains Theory."


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Executive Coaching -- Commit to Becoming Better!

Surveys continue to report a global skills gap that is hampering hiring. Other reports suggest training is paramount to employee retention. And I am sure that when released, the ASTD State of the Training Industry report will echo last year's report and the sizable investment companies are making to address these challenges.

Are you doing your part? As a company leader, are you re-investing enough of your profits in training and equipping your employees for the future? More importantly, as an upwardly mobile executive, what are you doing to ensure you continue growing and are ready for future tasks and opportunities?

Below is an illustration I often use in speaking and workshops. I learned it from Brian Tracy...he calls it the "Freeway of Knowledge and Skill". The point of the illustration is that no matter where you start post-education...whether you're an MD, a JD or an HSD (high school dropout)...to earn more, you must learn more.

You can only increase your earning ability by increasing your value, which comes as a result of constantly increasing your knowledge and skills.

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Executive Coaching--What hard decision are you not making?

Once heard Chris Widener talk on a SUCCESS Magazine CD. During the talk he posed this question: "What hard decision are you not making?" He went on to say that by delaying our decisions, we are costing ourselves precious time. If on the other hand, we make the decision (and it turns out to be the wrong decision), we may still have time to correct it.

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Executive Job Search Series--8 Steps to Get LinkedIn

The internet has become somewhat of a double edged sword when it comes to job hunting. You might experience a moment of panic when you think about potential employers looking through all of your pictures on Facebook (and they will). However, when used properly, the internet should be an invaluable resource during your executive job search. It has become easier than ever to network, post resumes, search for jobs, and apply for them directly. While the internet is convenient for you, it is even more convenient for recruiters and hiring managers when they are looking to fill a position.

It is crucial for you to have an online presence on a professional job site when looking for a new job.

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15 Critical Soft Skills Interview Questions for Identifying Leadership

Leadership: Achieving extraordinary business results through people.

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day (and will through 2030). This is creating a huge "brain drain" for American businesses. And with businesses facing more complex challenges and opportunities every day, determining who will lead and manage organizations into the future is critical.

Leadership may be the single most important factor to the success or failure of a company, because our leaders and managers inspire and motivate us to achieve the company's vision and goals. Not everyone has the ability to be a leader (or wants to be). But, for those who do aspire to being more than individual contributors, it's important to focus on developing their leadership skills and more importantly utilizing their strengths to their fullest extent.

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