Executive Job Search Series -- YOU, INC.!

Since you're nearly "over it" and consistently thinking on paper, it's time for a paradigm shift in your job hunting effort. As you search for your next great job, you must move from just seeing yourself as an employee to recognizing that YOU are the PRESIDENT of your own PERSONAL SERVICES CORPORATIONYou sell your services to your customer, your future employer.

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Executive Job Search Series -- The Plan

I think most would agree on the importance of planning and strategy in the C-Suite. But, do you think it is equally important to your job hunting effort? Absolutely...yes! You are much more likely to land your next great job or career and in a shorter period of time by starting with a plan.

A few years ago, a financial services firm was airing commercials that had people walking around carrying their number…the amount they would need to save for a comfortable retirement. Remember? In one commercial, a fellow happens upon his neighbor who is on a ladder trimming his hedge. The neighbor asks him what he is carrying and he explains that it is his retirement number. On the hedge, the neighbor has a number too, $GAZILLION. When questioned about how he will achieve his number, the neighbor offers that his plan is to blindly throw money at it and “hope” something good happens. The point of the commercial is that most people don’t have a retirement plan. Instead, they have a guesstimate of what they might need for retirement and then randomly save when they think about it.

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Executive Job Search Series -- The Write Thing

Earlier in the week, we talked about the need to "get over it" after losing a job and prior to beginning your next "job search." Here's some more guidance to help you "get over it!"

Are you thinking on paper? I believe this is not only vital to your success, but your sanity. I'm convinced that you can't solve the "big deals" in your head. In addition to the many writing exercises I recommend like daily goal setting and mindstorming, I want to tell you about another one that is beneficial to anyone who is feeling resentful, angry or full of self-pity.

This is something I always suggest to the recently unemployed, but it is applicable to anyone who just needs to "purge" themselves of some negative emotions. There are basically three steps:

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Executive Job Search Series -- Get Over It!

I'm no psychologist, but I do talk with a lot of people who are down because they just lost their job. And the first thing I encourage them to do before starting their job search or speaking to future employers is to "GET OVER IT!"

That's right, before you can be in a position to get hired for your next best job, you must eliminate any negative feelings you have toward your last employer. You cannot carry this negativity (and anger) into your job hunting because it will sneak out at the most inopportune moment and spoil your chance of getting hired. So, take a few hours, days or weeks to vent your anger and wallow in your self-pity, then "get over it" and get back to being the "A Player" you are. Interested in HOW TO "get over it", keep reading!

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