How to Identify DISC Assessment Behavior Styles

Recently, we began a discussion about the DISC Assessment. In this blog post, I want to discuss some quick ways to identify a person's DISC behavior style (sometimes called "DISC Personality Types") without the benefit of an online DISC assessment. By recognizing someone's behavior style and adapting to their preferred method of communication, you will have a much greater chance of communication success and achieving win/win for both parties.

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Do you know DISC? A DISC Assessment Primer...

Ron McNutt, Senior Partner at RMi Executive Search, is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst certified in administering and debriefing the DISC Assessment.

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

Do you know DISC?  The  DISC Assessment OR DISC Profile is the most widely used behavioral assessment tool, adopted by organizations around the world to improve teamwork and understand different communication styles.  Mastering the DISC assessment will not only improve hiring success, improve employee coaching and improve overall communications and leadership skills, but it can also improve sales and customer service.
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